A man took off and fucks a fat prostitute

The man has a very thin wife and he always dreamed of fucking a plump, juicy and fat woman. Once, when his wife left for her mother for an overnight stay, a man picked up a fat prostitute and brought her to his home. Well, let’s undress beauty, the man said and stared at her big boobs. The prostitute silently undressed and climbed out onto his wife’s bed. What, do you like my boobs?, .. says the prostitute, well, come to me, my peach. The man without hesitation dived into big boobs and began to lick and kiss them. Will you take it in your mouth? .. said the man. Well, what about without a blowjob, not like my peach, said the fat whore and climbed into the peasant’s shorts. An elastic and swollen member of a man emerged from his underpants, which instantly almost completely disappeared in the mouth of a fat prostitute. The fat woman tried to make a pleasant blowjob for a preoccupied man and caressed his cock in every possible way, either deeply swallowing, rubbing the head tightly with her tongue, or licking his balls and penis along the entire length with her rough tongue. Well, that’s it, give your pussy – the man said, and after playing a little with her swollen cap, he put the fat woman on his dick. Here is such a sex story about how a man takes off fat prostitutes and fucks them when his wife is not at home.

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