Cum in my aunt’s mouth

The nephew has long been very fond of his aunt – as a woman and he always dreamed of having sex with her. And now it’s a matter of chance, the nephew and his aunt were left alone. The guy took the opportunity and wasted no time stroking his aunt’s boobs and whispering sweet words to her, alluding to sex. The aunt was not at a loss and supported her nephew, grabbing his penis and dragged him to the bed. She quickly took off her panties and the guy’s panties sucked his penis deep into her throat. After playing a little blowjob, they just started fucking lying down, standing up, doggystyle and on their side. My boy, .. said the aunt, .. cum in my mouth, .. a . The guy could not resist and plunged his cock into his aunt’s very tonsils. The nephew finished in his aunt’s mouth and the sperm that filled her mouth with short sips of the aunt simply disappeared from sight.

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