Fat chick seduced a student

A plump blond pampushka was walking along the streets of Moscow and met an old acquaintance, a young university student. Pyshechka invited the student to her home and immediately dug into his lips, but the guy did not lose his head and played along with the girl. He began to rub her huge and fat tits and gently kiss her plump and juicy lips. The student undressed the girl and put cancer right on the couch. The girl spread her buttocks, which were swollen with fat, and the guy began to poke her in the pussy with his dick. The student for a long time could not finish fucking her with cancer.

The fat woman squeezed his cock with her vaginal muscles and the guy immediately screamed and finished her in her fat pussy. But it wasn’t over yet, the fat woman got out on the guy, sat down on his penis with her ass and began to twist her hips and purr, the student’s penis rose again and he stuck into the girl’s ass. So after playing a little, she knelt down and released her boobs for the guy’s waffles, but she didn’t take a dick in her mouth. The poor fellow began to masturbate his dick with his hands. The student once again finished the fat woman, but already on her huge and fat boobs. Here is such a sex story that came out of the people about a fat woman and a student.

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