Fucked two brunettes

The guys decided to have fun and took off two brunettes. The guys rode the girls in a car and even took them on an excursion to the river. After a walk by the river, the brunettes willingly agreed to go to visit the guys. There, the four of them had a real group sex. One of the guys began to make cunnilingus to the brunette carefully licking the clitoris, and at this time her friend willingly took the second guy’s cock in her mouth, enjoying the blowjob. Then both girls climbed on top of the guys and started fucking like horsewomen. They changed partners and positions, it was funny and fun. As a result, the guys doused the brunettes’ asses with sperm. And this is not the last porn story on our blog. As long as humanity and sex exist, porn stories and sex stories will never end.

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