Just fucked a prostitute

That’s how random taxi passengers met and fucked. The guy, although he was married and had three children, could not refuse a beautiful prostitute. The prostitute herself began, without any hesitation, to show her breasts and her pussy-squeak while still in the taxi, in every possible way hinting at the guy for sex. And then the guy just invited a prostitute to the apartment of his old friend, who kindly and friendly gave the guy the keys. When they retired – the girl said … take me, I will not take money and no one will know about it … I promise, and she bared her not small breasts. When the guy saw her boobs, he was surprised at such beauty and began to kiss her, gradually switching to kunni. Licking the cunt of a prostitute, the guy got a dick so hard that the width of his trousers was already cracking from tension and the prostitute leaned on his penis without wasting a moment. Then the girl undressed and began to gracefully pose lightly masturbating her hole in front of the guy. The guy’s dick is so swollen that the hands themselves took off their trousers and a huge dick appeared. The prostitute grabbed him with her lips and deeply and greedily swallowing him down her throat tried to give the guy maximum pleasure. Even my wife is not as worth it as it is for you … the guy admitted and, putting a prostitute in cancer, planted his yalda on her very eggs. Then they fucked in different positions and an experienced prostitute did not let him finish in order to enjoy his magnificent big and sinewy cock more. Cum on my face and chest, please… an experienced prostitute whispered… and the guy did IT with pleasure!!! Here is such a sex story as a guy just fucked a prostitute.

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