Wife cheated on cum in whore’s mouth

A man who found out that his wife cheated went to the whores! He rented a blonde prostitute with a slender figure and invited her to an expensive hotel for leisure and entertainment. The whore posed for the man, exciting him more and more. She even took off her panties and spread her buns with her hands, the man was able to examine her pussy and ass in close-up and get even more excited. But when they entered the room and the prostitute undressed, she was surprised that the man did not fuck her, but climbed to lick her pussy and the whore did not interfere with him, she liked cunnilingus with male bristles. The man, having played a little with his tongue in the prostitute’s pussy, gave her his penis for suction. The prostitute did not receive any anal or vaginal sex, but only cunnilingus and blowjob, as the man finished her with his foamy sperm on her face and in her mouth. Here is such a sex turned out between a horny man and an experienced whore!

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