fucks and swallows cum

A young blonde comes to visit her old friend and invites him to relax, winking coquettishly and smiling cheerfully. Well …, I don’t seem to mind — said a friend and happily let the blonde into the apartment. The girl immediately, without wasting a minute, began to undress and pose in front of her friend, wanting only one thing — to excite his big veiny penis. Having undressed, she said, — You see what a pussy I have, she really missed your handsome man and wants you to enter her. She asked him so much that she even began to masturbate in front of him and say .., well .. come into me, I was so exhausted for your elastic penis, I can’t anymore .., I’m all bleeding out with the juice of love …! Yes, I want to kiss and lick her, — he said and stuck his tongue into her vagina, and then into her ass. Ah .., A-A-A, screaming, she was crazy about his tongue and a small tickling stubble. Now take my handsome man in your mouth, he said, and a powerful, resilient and sinewy fucker rose before her lips. Oh yes darling, the blonde whispered and swallowed him to the very balls, providing a skillful blowjob. And now let’s lie down, he said, I will enter you as you wanted. The blonde obediently lay on her back and pulled her legs up. And a big wiry dick plunged into her pussy, shaking her deeper and deeper. Oh yes .., more .., more .., come on .., my darling bunny. I want you .., ah-ah-ah-ah, the blonde whispered. Don’t finish there, she said, I want it in my mouth. Okay, he said and stuck his yalda down her throat. A stormy shot of sperm filled the blonde’s mouth full, and she happily swallows the sperm and kisses the head of the penis in gratitude.

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