My mistress loves anal sex very much

When my wife leaves for her mother-in-law, my mistress comes to visit me, she is a very appetizing blonde with big boobs and a sexy ass. We drink a little alcohol with her and she goes to the bathroom to take a shower. My mistress loves anal sex very much, well, she just loves it when I penetrate her dick into her anal hole. In the shower, she carefully washes all her holes and slits, frankly posing in front of me with her perfect figure. Then my mistress begins to masturbate with me, running her fingers into her pussy and teasing the hollow, moans sexually, as if inviting me to have sex. I go to her and she tightly grabs my dick with warm lips, sucking it deep into her tight throat, enjoying a blowjob. Then she gets on all fours and I fuck her in the ass and she really likes it, although it probably hurts a little. My mistress once admitted that anal sex with mild pain causes very unusual sensations of ecstasy and I want to do it again and again. And I spewing sperm on her ass all the time.

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