Striptease lesbians

Three lesbian girlfriends, as usual, met on the weekend at the apartment of one of her friends to have fun. The girls decided to dance a striptease in turn, and whoever dances the best, the winner will have her pussy licked and fulfill all her lesbian wishes. The first lesbian girl danced at the pole completely naked, throwing her legs wide and spreading her legs, drawing the eyes of her friends to her sekel.

The second lesbian writhed softly and gently at the pole like a snake, attracting the attention of her spectator girlfriends by swaying her hips and transfusing her breasts.

The third girl, unable to resist the temptation, very excited by what she saw, began to caress the first dancer with her tongue on the nipples of her breasts and began to lick the second on the clitoris. All three girls were so excited that they forgot about their bet and began to bask all together, delivering chain sexual pleasure to each other.

The girls took turns carefully licking each other’s vaginas and anuses, gently moaning and purring like cats. As a result, they alternately masturbated the vagina of their girlfriends with a sex toy. The girls could not do anything with the unbridled passion for female affection and made group lesbian sex.

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